LED Lighting


Are you aware of the savings that can be made by upgrading your existing lighting to LEDs. LED lighting is a must for your lighting needs, Over a period of time the energy savings made on power consumption will pay for the installation and also cut down on your maintenance as the average lifespan of an LED lamp is 20 times that of a standard lamp.


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An office currently runs standard fluorescent strip lights (1500mm T8 tubes) throughout, with over 60 lamps across 3 floors. The owners are considering upgrading all the lights to LEDs, in order to save power and to make them compatible with an office automation system (to turn them on and off automatically).

So, how much energy could they save?

Well a standard fluorescent lamp consumes about 58W, whereas the new LED lamps consume around 20W. Therefore over the course of a year we would anticipate the energy savings to be as follows:


Standard Fluorescent lamp

LED lamp

Power Consumption

58 Watts

20 Watts

Hours in use

10 hours per day, 5 days a week, 52 per year

10 hours per day, 5 days a week, 52 per year

Hours per year



Kilowatt hours per year (watts / 1000 * hours)

150.80 kWh

52 kWh

Cost per year (at 10p per kWh)




Therefore multiplied by 60:

Standard lamp - £904.80 per year.

LED lamp - £312.00 per year.